From the Office of Chauncey A. Alexander & Associates
In a letter to the National Network of Social Work Managers

"I am writing, as a member of the Advisory Council, to clarify the history of the founding of our National Network for Social Work Managers. Because I was involved during my 13 years of service as Executive Director of NASW and subsequently, I do not want to obtain exceptional credit or blame for NNSWM's origin, although I am proud to have my part in it recognized.

In going to NASW in 1968, I soon recognized that we had a problem with retaining Social Worker Managers as members, because of the attacks on social work organizations as not being progressive enough, criticism of "Authority" and other concepts, actions which often gave support to Right Wing attacks on social welfare programs and the profession.

To counter these problems and the attacks on our profession, I and our leadership initiated several programs. The first and most successful was ELAN, the educational legislative action network, which emphasized community organization and management programs. ELAN eventuated into a full-fledged political action program involving our membership throughout the country and in public policy at all levels of government in an organized fashion.

Along with two other Journals, I proposed starting a NASW Administration Journal, which was rejected by the Publications Committee, principally on the objections of clinician representatives. They supported the other two recommendations. Haworth Press picked up on the publishing of the Journal and later made the tie-in with NNSWM.

We were successful in gradually developing Management programs at the NASW Symposium with Bob Maslyn's leadership. When it finally became evident that NASW would not initiate the organization and structure required, the National Network for Social Work Managers was started by Bob, Paul Keys, Mark Battle, Len Stern, Margaret Gibelman, and others. But, Bob Maslyn was the primary developer of NNSWM.

I know that Bob's commitment to the need for professional management education and training in social work led to the organization of the National Network when NASW, unfortunately, would not assume that responsibility. Paul Keys also was a devoted leader of the Network. Incidentally, Paul had been a student intern at NASW, under the tutelage of Glenn Allison, one of the great organizers in NASW's history.

During the years since I retired from NASW in 1982, I have worked with Bob and realized he carried heavy responsibilities in NNSWM at different times in order to allow it to meet program requirements. Lately, I was delighted to learn of Bob's significant contribution to the Network to help it meet its financial obligations. It is another example of his commitment to the field of Management and our profession of Social Work.

Would it not be valuable to establish a National Robert Maslyn Award for Exceptional Service to the field of Social Work Management and Administration, raising a fund for its use? I hope you will appoint a small group to consider the best way to honor Bob's genuine service.

I am enclosing a check to the same fund, regretting that my financial situation will not allow a greater contribution at this time."
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